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Below you'll find converted scenarios & utilities for Civ II Macintosh:


clip2gifA tool for GIF to PICT conversion, useful when converting Windows scenarios to the Mac.Download
Civ2Mac Filter2Converts scenarios, maps and save games into Mac format. However, not 100% reliable, manual tweaking may still be required.Download
Civ II PalFixes palette problems when working with graphics from PC origin, best used with Ansel belowDownload
AnselA free image editor for Mac OS that does not seem to screw up the paletteDownload

Maps & Graphics files

Units.gifJust the standard game Units.gif file ready for your editing pleasureDownload
Ancient unitsA collection of ancient world unitsDownload
HiRes unitsA great units.pict from the HiRes ModpackDownload
Europe modEuropean modpack with a map and three new civs (Swedish, Danish, Macedonian)Download
Greece mapA map of Greece and the Middle East areaDownload

Mac Scenarios

USA 1640A scenario set in the colonial era of North America. Can you recreate the U.S?Download
USA 1861A scenario about The War between the States. For a challenge, play as the South.Download
3rd MilleniumSimulates the world of 1919. Make sure to replace the respective files.Download
4 Sea RepublicsPlay in the era of European Sea Republics around 11th - 15th century.Download
A House DividedExcellent fictional what-if scenario on the Civil War. Great modifications, a must-get.Download
BolivarPlay as Simon Bolivar or his enemies in this South America scenarioDownload
European EmpiresThe great colonial game of the late 19th century in an awesome scenarioDownload
GangsterUnique Scenario where you play as one of rivaling mobs fighting for control of the cityDownload
GettysburgInstead of a grand scheme, this one focuses solely on the battle of Gettyburgs.Download
Gulf WarScenario about the Gulf War in 1991. Uses standard assets.Download
HolylandPlay in ancient Mesopotomia as Civs like the Hittites, Persians, Assyrians & moreDownload
Lord of the RingsEpic Lord of the Rings scenario. Hard yet sooo rewarding.Download
LousianaA scenario that has you fighting for a Republic Louisiana - or against itDownload
Mid EastA Yom Kippur scenario intended to play as IsraelDownload
New EdenSort of an Alpha Centauri theme - Colonization of a new planetDownload
PacificA scenario about Pearl Harbor 1941, using stock Civ II assetsDownload
SwitzerlandPlay as the Swiss Confederation fighting for independenceDownload
To End All WarsIf you're looking for the best World War I scenario, look no further!Download
VikingsAnother great Harlan Thompson scenario featuring the Viking Age from the 9th century onDownload
World War 2Another attempt at a WW2 scenario - this is not the bundled one that comes with Civ IIDownload