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Network games

Civilization II is a fascinating strategy game - and at the Deity level of difficulty quite challenging. However, nothing ever beats human opponents. This is where Civ II really shines.

Mac OS saw two releases of Civilization II - the first released in 1997. It was just the basic game. Two years later Macsoft published a much enhanced "Multiplayer Gold Edition". Which is the version you'll want to get. It is also the only version supporting Multiplayer games.

Multiplayer on the Mac means you can play:

  • Hotseat - multiple players taking turns on the same computer. Works well but is a bit lame because someone's always waiting.

  • TCP/IP. Despite the name this includes LAN games played via AppleTalk. And of course games remotely played via Internet by entering an IP.
Also note that "bots" are supported. So if you're playing with 7 civilizations but only 3 human players, you can delegate the other nations to be played by the computer.

If you consider Multiplayer, it is strongly advised to update to v1.1.1 of Civ II Multiplayer Gold. Versions prior to that had known bugs in both hotseat and TCP/IP gameplay. Make sure everyone joining the game also has 1.1.1 for the sake of compatibility.

Best of all, you can mix Mac and Windows versions of the game. But you'll need to make sure everyone has the same version (e.g. Mac and Windows players both using Civilization II Gold 1.1.1)